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Okay, so here we go. The Epic Story is a story, and it's...well, epic. You see, we create a story, making ourselves characters. Not our actual selves though, we can each create one character, a mythological type character, you can make a Greek god, Norse god, or monster from any mythology or cryptozoology.You can be a Greek hero like Hercules, or a monster like the Chimera. Be a centaur, minotaur, Bray Road Beast, whatever. Everyone should write in a different text color, so we know who writes what. Just keep adding and when you think the page is getting to long, just make another and continue. To join the tale, just write your websit username, your made up name for the strory in the color you plan to write your parts in, then say what you are. Just keep adding, and all that. Be beast, god, hero, or mortal, good or evil, wizard or ghost, djinn, gargoyle, like I keep emphasising, the possibilities are endless. Although you can change your name/identity a few times early on in the tale, try not to do so too much, it will be confusing.

Vampirejediknight= Adair, Shape-Shifter
Unaekgnoah=King Unaek, The King of the Fairies (Yes, there are male fairies, you know, even though they have "flower powers," they are still man, who else attracts the fine lady fairies)
killerbeast222=king of the elves, ally to all good dragons.
mythsoftime= The pheonix rider karadon
KingLaceration=Newly crowned King of Heaven
TheDragonLover = Ashaedia, The Dawn Dragon Lord. Elven Dragon Rider and Ally to All Good Dragons (GIRL and Dark Elf). Rides on a black, red and gold dragon with shining red eyes. Has long dark blue hair and eyes the color of molten brass. She's a good guy.
Irishdwarf45= Brandand, an old dwarf who once worked in the south-westen jade mines. I'm a good guy.
fyre-flyte=the one who found a dragon skeloton and forged excallibur from a thigh bone. I also gave it to the lady in the lake. I'm a hermit so you won't be seeing much of me ;P when you do see me my name will be gothos of the blacksmith guild. or just gothos for short.

Preface: Adair Sounds the Call
priencekenny= tomiki hittori wood elf king
Adair knew what he had to do. He knew he had to gather allies for the quest. They had to find Excalibur before the mysterious windigo King Mort, temporary ruler of evil, did. So he used his magic to issue a summons to all magic/mystic/ mythical beings withing the area who served good. He knew he was to start out as leader of this quest, but he didn't expect to stay that way long. In case the enemy had also sensed his summons, he transformed into a field mouse, hid in the tall grass of the valley, which was shaded by a vast mountain range, and waited.

Chapter One: The Gathering

"Sire! Sire!" Inachis screamed.
"What is it Inachis?" King Unaek said softly. "I'm pondering on where to plot the new land for Unaeksgrad, the new capital city. As you know all our land has been destroyed b-b-by the War." As the reader, you may want to know about the war. The war was a series of long and tiring battles between King Mort's allies, the Demons, when finally the Fairies surrendered the vast land of Morziyer. All they have left is the Garden of the Plume (Where the are congressing on the rehabilitation) and Edensville, the destoyed capital.
Inachis answered, "Sorry your majesty, but we received a summon."
"From Who?"
"A Mage, An Earthshifter, to be exact."
"Ah, I absolutely love Mages, but I'd rather converse with a Cleric or perhaps, a Lotus Wizard... but we do need some allies, maybe he can gain our land back, from that retched King Mort."
"So shall I gather the council?"
"No, summon the men of the kingdom, and the childless women. And lets go"

Chapter Two: Dark Elf Dragon Lord

Ashaedia watches down from her rocky post with tired eyes that are the color of molten brass. She and her faithful dragon, Ashnard, were assigned with a simple but boring task from their Dark Elven King, King Malekith, to watch the roads leading into King Unaek's kingdom. Basking in the warm sunlight, Ashaedia's armor shined with obsidian black and the purest gold designs. Her dark blue cape had the Dark Elf symbol sewn on the back. A long sword was strapped to her belt along with a couple of daggers. Ashaedia polished her lance while leaning against Ashnard's hide. Ashnard yawned lazily; he too was bored to death and terribly uncomfortable sitting atop feet-sized rocks. His owner turned her head to look up at him.
"Are you bored too, Ashnard?" Ashaedia asked. "I can't believe we were sent here to watch a road!" Ashaedia sighed and looked down at the road and spotted a peryton prancing across the dirt path. Ashnard lifted his huge head, his gleaming eyes scanning the road.
"What's up?" Ashaedia asked. She looked down at the road too and saw a boy with a black cloak on. The boy seemed to be a fire shifter with his hands a flame. He looked like he was in a hurry, but Ashaedia jumped onto her brown saddle and descended down to the road. The boy stopped. Ashaedia got off of Ashnard after they landed.
"Where are you going, boy?" Ashaedia asked. The boy didn't look at her, but stared down at his feet.
"I...I am going to Unaeksgrad." The boy answered.
"I'm sorry, but Unaeksgrad isn't built yet. King Unaek is planning where to put the new capital city." Ashaedia said. The boy looked up to her.
"B-But I'm supposed to go somewhere in King Unaek's kingdom. Is Edensville available?" The boy asked. Ashaedia frowned.
"No, I'm afraid not. Edensville was destroyed. All that's left is the Garden of the Plume," Ashaedia said, scratching Ashnard's scaly neck. He hurred happily. "But maybe I can fly you there. Is that okay or do want to walk there?"
"That'll be great. I'm tired anyway." The boy said. Ashaedia lifted him onto Ashnard's back and Ashaedia jumped on. She grabbed the reins and with a proud "Hiyah!" they took to the skies to the Garden of the Plume.
What Ashaedia didn't know that the boy that sat behind her was the pheonix rider.
"Why are you going to the Garden of the Plume?" the Ashaedia asked.
"Summons," the boy muttered, his thoughts now centered on other things.
Chapter Three: The Fairies Prepare
King Unaek quickly announced what they had already expected, a Summons, and they vanished into thin air. They appeared in the valley just before Ashaedia and Ashnard did. Adair transformed into his humanoid form and awarded Unaek the rank of second in command for gathering his peaple and arriving first, but said that his people should probably return home, waiting for war. They wanted a small party for the quest, not an army . The elven king appeared too, but the King of 'Heaven' (really the half-real sudo-heaven of the mystic half-realm) did not yet appear. Had he joined King Mort's quest? Did he now serve evil?


Chapter Four: Werewolf Encounter

After dropping off the boy at the Garden of the Plume and were done packing for the quest, Ashaedia and Ashnard rested in a nearby forest, waiting for their king to receive the message that they will be embarking on the quest with King Unaek. They sat in a grassy clearing, watching the wildlife around them. That same peryton pranced by and peculiar forest imp walked passed them, stopping to only tune a string on his small fiddle. They saw a griffin fly overhead, but something didn't feel right. She felt an eerie presence despite her beautiful surroundings. Ashnard sensed it too, and he stood on his two legs, sniffing the air for a threat. The bushes on the far left of them rustled, and a large wolf jumped out, snarling and barking at them. Ashaedia unsheathed her longsword. Ashnard was going to breathe fire, but Ashaedia raised a hand to stop him.
" A werewolf?! Those are banned from King Unaek's kingdom! I must defeat enemies on my own when we encounter one," Ashaedia shouted. "But you may torch him if things get out of hand." Ashnard nodded. The werewolf stood on its hind legs and lunged forward. Ashaedia moved to the side swiftly and slashed at its flank. The werewolf howled and turned to face her and pounced once more. This time the werewolf hit her, pushing her to the ground. Ashaedia unsheathed a dagger and stabbed its stomach. The werewolf whined and jumped off, its tail between its legs. It didn't attack anymore.
"You shall regret this! King Mort will destroy this kingdom and yours, Dark Elf!" The werewolf hissed, and he limped away. Ashaedia signaled Ashnard that he may finish him off, and the great dragon bounded after the werewolf. Soon, the werewolf cried and blue fire flew into the air, and Ashnard came back, a pile of gray dust in one claw. He placed it in front of Ashaedia, and she looked down at it. She then sighed.
"King Mort... the king that wished to conquer all lands.... we must alert King Unaek right away." Ashaedia said, and hopped onto Ashnard's back. They rode to the camp where King Unaek and his companions were and Ashaedia explained to Unaek what had happened in the forest.
"A werewolf? Hm... how interesting. Did it bore the Mark of King Mort?" Unaek asked.
"It had a strange tattoo on its left arm. I suppose that could be it." Ashaedia said.
"This will be complicated. If King Mort can recruit werewolves, we're in serious trouble. Werewolves are strong and are the perfect assassins. They sneak about the shadows and strike when one is sleeping. They can be disguised as regular people when they are not in wolf form." Unaek said, scratching his chin.
"Should I go to my homeland and ask for reinforcements?" Ashaedia asked.
"That could be arranged. Maybe King Malekith may be able to join our quest. You may ask him to join and for reinforcements." Unaek said. Ashaedia bowed and left for Nargoroth, her homeland.

Real quick, a brief history of the mystic half-realm of Alastinus (location of the epic story).
There have been five Great Wars. The First Great War, also called the War of Wizard Mischeif or The Elf War, happened when a band of evil wizards attacked a group of elven rangers. A werewolf drove off the wizards, but the elves mistook the half breed (between werewolf and Bray Road Beast) for a bray road beast. With three arrows in him, the bray road werwolf ran away. The elf captain, bound by strict and perfect morals, kept his men from pursuing because the werwolf had sved their lives. The wizards turned to King Mort's predececer, a half human dwarf troll (smallest type of troll and not related to dwarves) named Malfili to resolve the conflict. So the half troll sent his forces, mostly half goblin, half troll hybrids call gorefersts, to war against the elves. Both sides were near total destruction when Malfili's human advisor and half brother arranged a truce with the peace-loving elf prince Lastalgand.
The Second Great War, also called the War of Thieves or the Great Mine Seiges, was caused when a group of Gorefersts, loyal to Malfili, raided a dwarven mine, stealing many riches and recourses. The dwarves were enraged and decalered war on Malfili. The evil leader appointed his half-brother Brutus, a dwarf troll, to lead the forces into battle. This was a mistake, as Brutus was good at only one thing, fighting alone and with brute force. His total lack of strategy beyond commands like, "You go! Kill them soldiers!" or, "Crush Tower!" cost them the war. Malfifli surendered and had his half brother inprisoned and tortured for a month.
The Third Great War, at the time called The War of Dark Elven Aggresion or The Fairie War, now alternately named by most The War of Long Negociations, happened when King Malekith's cousin, King Sulkith, sought to conquer King Unaek's older brother, King Visil. It was at the Battle of the Three Malfili thast both sides brought in a painted life size statue of Malfili, who was nearby at the time, to scare their opponents. Each side mistook their opponents statue for the real thing and both statues were destroyed. Malfili heard of this quickly and wanted to see the fear of him for himself. He came in with his large mace and killed many on both sides. He left with great satisfaction. A week later, both sides mounted two separate sieges of Malfortis, Malfili's lair. Outside the throne chamber, which only Malfili and his bodyguard, Brutus, were allowed to enter, Sulkith slew Visil and then he broke into the advisers' chamber and singlehandedly slaughtered all of Malfili's advisers at the cost of his life. Unaek killed Brutus and Malfili with his powerful fairie magic, and was named Archwizard (leader of the fairie High Mages, whom he already served) and Emperor of All Fairies. He earned great honor and respect and became not only a great king and wizard, but also a war hero.
The Fourth Great War, also called The War for Troll Allegence, happened when an army of trolls still loyal to Malfili refused to serve King Mort, thinking that Malfili wouldn't have liked it. Many tried to gain the trolls' allegence, and many of them fought each other to put the competition out of business and gain the trolls' approval. King Mort fought many, and proved himself strong enough to gain the trolls' allegence. But before the trolls would join him, he had to fight a great duel against King Boran, a dwarven leader. King Boran was paid to fake his death at Mort's hands, and the trolls joined Mort. Boran was cast from his throne and forced to live as a common jade minor in the southwest.


Chapter Five: The Dark Elf King

Ashaedia and Ashnard flew through the clouds, gradually gaining altitude as they climbed higher above the clouds. They needed to fly above the clouds so that they weren't seen while flying over the High Elf capital, Mayu. Mayu was the home of the young Phoenix King, and Ashaedia and the Phoenix King share a forbidden friendship. If any High Elf were to see them together, Ashaedia would be executed and the Phoenix King would be removed from his kingship. Ashaedia and Ashnard flew over the capital unseen, and they descended lower below the clouds once beyond the borders. They flew over lush forests, great plains with wild horses, and over rivers, lakes, and waterfalls teeming with fish. Soon they had spied their homeland, Nargoroth, and saw the great castle that sat in the middle, nestled between snowy mountains. They landed on a large stone landing station, and Ashaedia let Ashnard join the other resting dragons. She walked into the castle, and turned left down a hallway, then right, then right again, and then left and down a long flight of stairs. The stairs led directly to the throne room. Noble Dark Elves and Dark Elven knights dressed in the same armor Ashaedia wore conversed with each other around the obsidian throne. The Dark Elven flag hung above the throne. King Malekith sat in the jet black throne, speaking to a sorceress. He was a tall elf that wore black armor, a black cape with a red trim at the bottom, black spiked gauntlets, and a dark purple and black armored boots. His silver hair seemed to glow with a white light and his blue eyes shined eerily. Malekith, despite his silver hair, was not old, but he looked as if he was twenty years old when he is actually 6,980 years old. When he saw Ashaedia, he smiled.
"Ah, Lady Ashaedia, daughter of the Captain of the Blackguard, tis' good to see you. I received your message. You are traveling with the Faerie King on a quest, no? It must be very important." Malekith said, waving a hand next to him. A chair materialized out of nowhere. He beckoned her to sit down. Ashaedia walked over to the chair sat down. Her father, Marthos, was a Dark Elf general who was most favored by King Malekith. He was intelligent, and he created an elite guard called the Blackguards. Unfortunately, he was very ill.
"Yes, my Lord, it is very important. So important that he wants you to join." Ashaedia said. Malekith stared at her, his white face expressionless.
"Oh? Really, now?" He said, beginning to become interested.
"Yes, he has asked for reinforcements. We are going to try to defeat King Mort." Ashaedia said. Malekith's eyes widened. And then he laughed.
"Oh, good one, Lady Ashaedia. But what fool would go up against King Mort? All creatures of evil stand by his side, therefore making him almost invincible -"
"He sent a werewolf after King Unaek! Before we slayed the werewolf, he said that King Mort will destroy both King Unaek's kingdom and ours! if we don't stop him, he'll....he'll...." Ashaedia cried, and she closed her eyes and buried her face in her hands. Malekith put one hand on her shoulder.
"I now understand. King Mort will destroy us all. He will destroy innocent families, peaceful cities, holy temples, and kingdoms that reject him. I have feared the time would come.... I will send for my reinforcements. Just give me time to get ready and feed my dragon." Malekith said, and Ashaedia looked up, her eyes moistened by incoming tears.
"Thank you.... and I think Phoenix King Finubar would appreciate it." Ashaedia said. Malekith grinned.
"Oh, yes. The Phoenix King would very much like that. If only our people were united as one.... this would have been more easier." Malekith said, and stood up.
"Come. We must prepare." And with that, he and Ashaedia walked out of the throne room.
"Who is leading this quest?" King Malekith asked.
"At present it is a young shapeshifter named Adair," Ashaedia replied as the two landed in the valley.
Adair stepped forward, his black hair wet with goreferst blood and some of his own, too.

Chapter Six: Brandand

The old dwarf on the gound, leaning back against the trunk of a great old oak. It was beautiful and enormous. His old mining hammer (his favorite tool and weapon) leaned on the tree trunk, too. He had felt the summons from a nearby inn and had been travelling towards the valley, but had had to stop and rest. He resumed his jog quickly and ran to the vallley. Panting heavily, he breathed the words, "...want...join...quest."
"Sorry, what was that?" Adair asked.
"I-WANT-TOO-JOIN-YER-D***-QUEST, you godforsaken son of a cave troll!" he bellowed in his Scottish accent. (bcause dwarves always have Scottish accents, right)
Everyone looked at the old dwarf, as if they were appraising him. His long, tangled hair was grey, and his long, dirty beard was white. He was carrying a heavy sack that made clanking noises over his shoulder and a mining hammer in his right hand. It had a piece of jade in it, on which was engraved the mark of the Jade Mining Guild.
"Very well." Adair agreed.

Long ago there was a great war between the Elves known as The Assundering. Malekith's father, Aenarion the Great, was about to be crowned the Phoenix King. He was a man of great honor, and all Elves respected him and called him their star and savior because he had saved his land from hordes of evil creatures. But unfortunately, another wanted the Phoenix King role. King Finubar's father, Talson, wanted the Phoenix King role. Yes, he was a king, but he had to pass through the Flame of Asuryan before doing so. But he didn't want to risk his life, so he fought Aenarion for the Phoenix King title. Finubar, seeing the madness his father was going to create, attempted to stop his father. But it was too late. Aenarion's followers went into war with the followers of Talson. When Talson was about to kill Aenarion, Finubar came up behind and killed his father. The war was over, but the Elves were separated. Dark Elves and High Elves, that was what they were separated into. The blood of Talson was on Finubar's hands.... many High Elves shamed him, but after Aenarion died, he appointed the Phoenix King title to Finubar because he had saved his life......

The phoenix rider Karadon the one to hold nearly the last of the phoenix came about preparing himself for the quest. He wanted to tell Ashaedia that he was not a fire shifter but a phoenix rider, the one of the few of his kind. He called upon his phoenix Mistral and sat beside him. "When should I let her know?"he asked to Mistral. The phoenix just mearly paying attention screeched a low pitched screech. Phoenix and dragon were not the best to be put together. They were not enemies but they were not friends either. To each they were trying to best each other at distributing their part of the sky. Mistral did not like the idea of being put next to a dragon each having the power to summon fire was uneasy to him as he nodded his head. To Mistral they were rivals as they took to the sky. Karadon shook his head and stood up. "Do not be foolish! You will be good friends when I tell her." Mistral screeched and stared at him astonished. "I'll tell her tomorrow and you better try your best to stay calm." Mistral nodded slightly as Karadon prepared endlessly throughout the day. Trying to pass the time before Ashaedia found out.


Chapter Seven: Meeting An Old Friend

Ashaedia led a battalion of Dark Elf Dragonmasters as they soared above the High Elf capital Mayu. Ashaedia was bringing the reinforcements from Nargoroth, the Dark Elf capitol. She felt like Finubar was watching them from his balcony, and that feeling made her smile. She flew to the left and her knights followed. They formed a neat V formation like a flock of geese, and Ashaedia flew low to the ground as they landed near a lake. A small band of High Elf knights watched from the other side of the lake as the Blackguards rested their dragons. The dragons dipped their heads into the clear lake water and drank. Ashnard pulled his head out of the water and glared and growled at the High Elves. They got onto their white horses and galloped away. Ashaedia put a hand on his scaly hide.
"Leave them be, Ashnard. They are only High Elves." Ashaedia said. Ashnard nodded. One knight raced over to her.
"Commander! We have just spotted a man riding on a great red and gold bird. We think it's a Phoenix Rider," The knight said while more knights came nearer. "Should we attack?" Ashaedia looked up into the blue sky. Yes, there was a man riding on a great bird that seemed to be a phoenix. He seemed to be interested in the group.
"No, don't attack him." Ashaedia said.
"But Commander -"
"Did I just not give you an order, sir? Do not attack the Phoenix Rider!" Ashaedia commanded. The knight bowed and returned to his drinking dragon. Ashaedia looked back up at the Phoenix Rider. But he was gone. Ashaedia looked across the lake and saw him there with his phoenix. He didn't look bothered by the presence of Dark Elves.
Why is he so relaxed when we are here? Ashaedia wondered. She mounted Ashnard and flew to the other end of the lake where the Phoenix Rider sat.
"Hello, Phoenix Rider. How are you?" Ashaedia asked. The man looked up and he smiled. He stood up. His phoenix glared at Ashnard. Ashnard never hated phoenixes because he thought they were unique like dragons.
"Ah, Ashaedia! I've heard you're going on the quest. So am I!" The man said happily. Ashaedia was shocked to know that this man knew her name, but once she had a good look at him, a great grin crept onto her face.
"Oh, Karadon! I haven't seen you in awhile! What's up?" Ashaedia said, shaking his hand.
"Oh, nothing much. But I'm going on Adair's quest! Heard you were too so I flew around looking for you. And I wanted to tell you that I wasn't a fire shifter." Karadon said. Ashaedia laughed and looked across the lake at her knights. They were staring back in shock.
"So I see you have knights with you? Nice! Always wanted some bodyguards. Not saying that I'm a wimp or anything like that, but I'm just saying how cool it would be to have knights by your side all the time." Karadon commented.
"Oh, them? They're reinforcements for Adair's quest. They're not my bodyguards." Ashaedia explained.
"Oh, okay," Karadon said, petting his phoenix. "And also I wanted you to meet my phoenix. Ashaedia, this is Mistral." Ashaedia moved towards Mistral the phoenix and raised her hand to touch his beak. He resisted to bite her hand off, and let her touch his smooth beak.
"You're a kind phoenix, aren't you? Usually all the phoenixes I meet try to torch me." Ashaedia said, rubbing his beak. Mistral was beginning to get used to Ashaedia because she was so kind to him.
"Hey can I come with you on your way to the place where the quest is starting? I got lost." Karadon said.
"Of coarse." Ashaedia replied, and the two riders rode over to the group of Dark Elf knights.

As the two rode off Mistral kept his eye on Ashnard. Still a bit uneasy he went a bit farther to show off his speed but slowed back down noticing that Ashnard was not in any hurry. "Slow down." Karadon said to Mistral. Mistral, mystified screeched low pitched to try and get Ashnard to compete. "Don't try anything stupid and just fly." Karadon said to Mistral. Soon Mistral calmed down knowing that Ashnard had no thought of competeing. "I don't know what you are doing that for. You know Ashnard not that you ever got along but thanks for stopping." Karadon said as Mistral screeched in a response. We flew just below the clouds, "So how are things in the kingdom, is the quest planning running smoothly" Karadon asked, "Well so far we have only a small crew. Its kind of pathetic, well I guess that's the plan though."
The day drifted by as we came about the kingdom. The night was young as they decended down to the castle grounds. Adair looked to the door seeming to be amazed at the friend Ashaedia brought in.
"Who is this?" Adair said as they walked in. I am Karadon a pheonix rider. Adair was amazed as they walked in.
"I haven't seen a pheonix rider since the First Great War," Adair responded. "Karadon...Karadon.... Why does that sound familiar?" Several flashes of memory came to mind. A Pheonix Rider swooping down ahead of several batallions of elven archers and setting fire to the fortress of Thrand, Malfili's human half brother and head advisor. The human captain had shot three arrows from a crossbow at the pheonix.
A man calling "Mistral, no!" to a great pheonix flying strait towards Malfili himself.
Malfili running from a battle as Adair's arrow struck his severely burnt arm.
An injured pheonix and Rider limping from a smoldering battlefield after the fight.
Karadon, Elite Pheonix Rider, Hero of The First Great War.
"Karadon the Elite?" Adair asked. "The war hero?" Karadon nodded modestly.
"You're joining our quest?" Adair questioned.
"Yes," Karadon replied.


Chapter Eight: The Good News and the Bad News

Everyone was laughing and having a great time around a long wooden table piled high with delicious foods. Chicken breast, pork, corn-on-the-cob, large assortments of meat, squash, steamed broccoli, carrots, more vegetables, and fruits of all kinds lay on huge platters on the table. Adair sat next to Karadon, Ashaedia sat next to him also, Boran sat by Ashaedia, Unaek sat next to Boran, and other knights sat on the other side of the table. Everyone was chanting "Chug, chug, chug, chug, chug" as Boran drank large amounts of wine. Everyone cheered when he drained the fifth bottle. Boran made a peace sign with his fingers and laid on Ashaedia's arm. He hiccuped.
"Aye, that was some good ol' drink," Boran said, and hiccuped loudly again. Everyone laughed as he tried to straighten himself up. Boran looked up at Ashaedia. "Did you know ye got *hiccup* good-lookin' eyes?" Boran said, clearly drunk. Ashaedia tried to hide her fits of laughter as Boran fell back off his stool. Unaek dragged Boran onto a mat that was close by and let him rest there. On everyone's plate were large amounts of food. Ashaedia was a complete carnivore; she only had meat piled onto her plate except for a small piece of broccoli. Her father would always say that this was really unusual, especially for Elves. Karadon had a mixture of fruits and vegetables and some small portions of meat. Unaek's plate was filled with fruits and vegetables. Boran's plate was piled high with everything that was on the table. Adair's plate was the normal amount of food; a small pile of vegetables, a couple helpings of chicken, a small side of fruit. But Ashaedia noticed someone was missing. Malekith wasn't present. Ashaedia looked up and down the table. She didn't see the Dark Elf King. Ashaedia excused herself from the table and went out of the tent. She went over to Ashnard and Mistral. Mistral was wide awake, watching Ashnard as if he was going to wake up any second and attack. Once he saw Ashaedia approach, he feigned sleeping. Ashaedia tapped Ashnard's scaly nose. He awoke with a curious growl.
"Have you seen King Malekith?" She asked. Ashnard nodded and slowly turned his head in the direction of a dirt path.
"Thank you." Ashaedia said, and followed the dirt road. The road led to a moonlit lake, and standing by the water's edge was Malekith. Ashaedia approached him.
"Why are you alone out here, my Lord?" Ashaedia asked Malekith. Malekith jumped and turned to stare into Ashaedia's eyes. They seemed to shine with an eerie light.
"Oh, it's just you, Lady Ashaedia," Malekith breathed. "I was just admiring the lake. When it's a full moon out I travel to the nearest lake and observe the silver waters."
"Oh... but you seem troubled. Your eyes tell me that something is bothering you." Ashaedia said, staring straight into his eyes.
"Oh yes, I do have some troublesome thoughts. But I have news for you from your father. They're both bad news and good news," Malekith said, and sighed. "The good news is that your father is healthy again and is in great condition to fight off Mort's forces if they came to Nargoroth. But the bad news is... is that King Mort is coming. He is growing impatient and wishes to fight Adair. But he will have to travel through the High Elf capital, Mayu. And if he succeeds, he will drag down the Phoenix King also."
Ashaedia's eyes widened with fear. No.... he's coming!

Chapter Nine: Intercaption at Galsir Brandand and Adair, the top goegraphers (and good stragists, but they were no better than the others) in the group, studied the map they had all drawn together with Karadon, Ashaedia, and Malekith, who knew the area best. The knights were arming themselves and their dragons while Unaek ate a quick, light breakfast of strawberries. "If we travel light and fast," Adair reasoned, "we should be able to intercept King Mort's forces here," he tapped a spot on the map, "at Galsir." (gaul-sear, say the a like in father) "Aye," Brandand agreed. "Karadon should fly ahead with Mistral and tell the garrison and the fort there that King Mort is coming and we wish to help." "They won't like the fact that my men and I are with you," Ahaedia said. "At first," Malekith agreed."But we are coming to help them. This could bring peace bewteen us. An end to hatred. Sir Kalmar, Sir Listmar, Lady Ahaedia, fly quickly across my lands, emptying the major fortresses. Bring my armies to defend the High Elves. We will place out troops just outside their borders an just , on the side King Mort advances on, concentrating the majority of our strength on the defense of the Salist Wood, just west of Galsir." "Perhaps I can arrange safe passage through the dwarven lands," Brandand suggested. "How," Malekith asked. "Trust me." Malekith nodded and Brandand ran off to fetch his wagon. (Dwarves travel in small, wooden wagons pulled by a either a single workhorse or, which was the case with Brandand, a mule.) "Right, King Unaek, Knights, you're with me," Adair said, and he motioned to them to follow him.

Chapter:10: King Morts rise.

Karadon and many of the people of the quest were getting ready for the plan and the journey. Throughout the day Ashaeda was getting ready and noticed that many of the people were gone the next morning. King Unaek ready and awake came to her. "They left to fulfill there duties and to warn everyone about king mort." Unaek said as a faint screech came to be heard. Karadon came about with Adair on the pheonix. Both jumped off, "Well, we greeted the people in the garrison in the best way we could however, a small battle had interveined with them and us," Karadon said. Ashaeda looked at both of them, "You don,t have a scratch on you,"she said, "Well mistral did most of the work," Karadon said as Mistral proudly screeched not even bothering to look at Ashnard knowing he would not compete. Mistral was starting to sooth and get himself used to Ashnard who was nearly awake. Karadon scratched Mistral as a minor reward at the moment. Adair looked to Ashaeda,"I seemed to trigger the battle since me and the people in the garrison do not seem to like me and my people too much," He said as Ashaeda looked to him, "Go figure." She said as he chuckeled in amusement. "We got to the lord or leader of their group and finaly got the treaty to them. They seemed very terrafied." He said. They conversed more about the quest as they went to their tent to find more people had reterned as they were unaware of them reterning. They wandered into the woods as Karadon stayed behind in the camp site. Two hours went by as karadon lay slepping on a soft fresh batch of clovers. Suddenly the ground shaked as a giant dragon like foot came from the woods. Several serpentine heads came into view as some trees fell to the ground. The giant was three miles away but charged at the camp site. It was a Hydra. On it's chest plate was a strange mark. Most people were at rest in there tents sleeping soundly. Karadon took immediet action and woke as many people as he could. However most of them did not awaiken and the serpentine creature was already half a mile at the camp. Adair was in the south side of the woods with Ashaeda still. Some soldiers from the site were unprepared and hid in the woods that were yards from the site. Karadon called on Mistral as they took to the sky nearing the frightful giant. Something of the monster was not right though. He was larger than any hydra ever seen and looked far more powerful. Karadon had remembered a special weapon from the ruins of his kind, a special dagger. He swooped to get his bag and found the dagger. It was a forbidden weapon however it was able to be used in need of desperate times. He flew passed the hydra to draw him away from the site. Howevr he was going to the north of the woods where Adair and Ashaeda were oppisate from. He flew around the heads dodging the attacks and lunges. Mistral attacked with great might however the hydra was too big to be bested. He screeched to alert anyone nearby and fortunatly was heard from Ashaeda. While conversing with Adair she heard a screech and new the screech was based on agony. "Hold on Adair,"She said, "Thats Mistrals screech, we must go!" They were near the exit of the woods and finally made it out to see a giant Hydra fighting Karadon. Ashnard flew in ready to best the creature as Asheida climbed on. Ashaeda saw also that the hydra was far stronger than most she had seen. Adair gathered most of the larger blades and flung them at the necks of the beast. Some were chopped off as Ashnard and Mistral Sent the necks a-flame. Karadon found a gap in the hydras defense as he flew to the center of the necks and held his dagger high as the dagger grew oversized and cut the necks of the hydra. "Mistral!" Karadon yelled, "Keesh-mateh!". Mistral flamed into a blue fire and twirled around and lit most of the heads as Ashnard lit the heads up as well. Ashnard soon flew to the heart of the creature and torched it to end it's life. It fell with a mighty shake to the earth. Exhuasted, they swooped down. "Where did he come from?" Ashaeda said obviously worried and frusterated, "I don't know!" Karadon said, "Check him!" Karadon spoke clearly exhuasted, "Wait, where did you learn how to do that...h-h-how did you do that."Ashaeda said as Karadon glared softly into her eyes, "Every pheonex and dragon has a special power used in times of need just like this dagger from the ruins of my kind." He said as he looked up, "You will get yours soon, you are brave and have much courage." He stared at her, "Check him. He said less boldly. They studied the beast as Ashaeda sees the symbol of king mort. She put a hand to her face as flashbacks appeared. "Did it bore the mark of King Mort?" "It had a strange tattoo on it's arm so it could have it." "You will regret this Dark Elf! King Mort will destroy this kingdom and yours....Will destroy this kingdom and yours....and yours....AND YOURS!!!" She fell on her knees and a tear strolled down her cheek.

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