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FairyA fairy (sometimes seen as faery, faerie, or even fae; collectively wee folk) is a spirit or supernatural being that is found in the legends, folklore, and mythology of many different cultures. There are many definitions of what constitutes a fairy. Definitions sometimes describe them as any magical creature like a goblin or gnome, and at other times are described as a specific type of creature with short wings.

The fairy, as in the specific creature, was said to have originated in Italy, where they were known as 'Fatae', stemming from the Latin 'Fata' (roughly 'Fate'). They then traveled to France where their name was corrupted to 'fees' and then to Britain where they were known as 'fays', which the countryfolk eventually changed into 'faeries'. Other ways to reference the faerie include the Little People, the Green Men, the Good Folk and the Lordly Ones.

They are generally portrayed as humanoid in their appearance and have supernatural abilities such as the ability to fly, cast spells and to influence or foresee the future. Although in modern culture they are often depicted as young, sometimes winged females of small stature. They originally were of a much different image. Either tall, angelic beings or short wizened trolls being some of the commonly mentioned fay. The small, gauzy-winged fairies that are commonly depicted today did not appear until the 1800s.

They also (the fae) can include, but are not limited to: elves, pixies, and way more then I know.... I included this to let people know that the Fae are nicknamed also known as something like "those of the trees" because often many of those included in this name are found in a forest setting or near one, also they were all known to be close to nature... its like a kingdom in biology, it has more then one species thrown together do to some known similarities...

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