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1. A preternatural being, commonly believed to be a reanimated corpse, that is said to suck the blood of sleeping persons at night.
2. According to Eastern European folklore, a corpse, animated by an departed soul or demon, that periodically leaves the grave and disturbs the living, until it is exhumed and impaled or burned.
OR alternatively a person who has made a pact with the devil, selling his soul to him in exchange for nearly eternal life as long as the person sucks the blood from other people (and often kill them).

In sense, you could say a vampire is a corpse that is not really dead although it retains more its human qualities than a lich or a zombie would. Basically you could also say that a vampire is a corpse that has been reanimated. It arises at night to drink the blood of the living to replenish itself. The word itself originated as the Slavic word obyri or obiri, which evolved into the Bulgarian vampire. Another word for vampire, nosferatu, comes from the Greek nosophoros, plague-carrier.
Commonly it is said that vampires can not stand the light, the original belief is that they would die if they stepped out into the sun light. However the length of time it takes to kill them is unspecified, but the educated assumption is that it is seconds. The exception, of course, would be the original vampire which would be stronger than regular pure breed vampires. Theories have been put forward as well as stories, on weather the original vampire is fully or partially immune to light. None of them fully conclusive.

Vampires are said to have pale skin, not have a reflection in mirrors, and grow fangs. Doctors believe there may be a medical explanation for the proliferation of vampire stories in Eastern Europe. Porphyria (also known as phorphyic hemophelia), a hereditary blood disease, was once widespread among the aristocracy. Patients were sensitive to light, developed brownish teeth, and had skin lesions. They were often told to drink blood from other people to replenish their own.

Rabies also causes vampire-like symptoms, insomnia, delirium, and strange behavior. A rabies epidemic occurred in Transylvania around the time of Dracula, the world's most notorious vampire.

In Romanian, they are called, "vampir". During the process of becoming a vampire, people would have nightmares until the creature returned.

The story of Dracula:

Dracula's real name was Vlad Tepes, he was called a vampire because of his cruel torturing methods. This includes, impaling citizens as he ate in front of them. He also held a rich feast, and all that came to it, he made them build a castle for him. Records prove that he was indeed a king of Romania and that he died, by an opposing army's hands. The enemies of Romania at the time were Turks. The emperor of the enemy country ordered his army to bring Vlad's head to him, as proof he was dead. And they did so.

Dracul means Dragon/Demon
Dracula means Son of the Dragon/Demon.

Vlad Tepes III also known as Vlad Draculea, Kazikli Voyvoidawas a ruler of Wallachia for the following terms- 1448, 1456-1462, 1476. he was born November 8th 1431 in Sighisoara, Transylvania and died at the hands of the Ottoman in December 1476 at Wallachia.

On Easter, 1459 he arrested all the boyar families as an act of revenge for the killing of his father. He impaled the older ones on stakes while forcing the others to march from the capitol to the town of Poenari, some 50 miles away. He then ordered the survivors to build a fortress on the ruins of an older outpost which overlooked the Arges river.
Vlad became quite known for his cruelty and brutal techniques of punishment; people were often skinned, boiled, decapitated, blinded, strangled, hanged, burned, roasted, hacked, nailed, buried alive, stabbed and so on. He also liked to cut off noses, ears, sexual organs and limbs. But his all time favourite form of torture was impalement on stakes, hence the surname of Tepes-meaning the Impaler in Romanian. The Turks even called him "Kaziglu Bey" - Impaler Prince.

His philosophy on honesty and order was known throughout the land. Almost any crime be it lying and stealing to killing could be punishable by impalement. This law was so effective that he placed a gold cup in the square, anybody could use this cup to drink from the well but the cup must remain in the square. The cup was never stolen or removed during Vlads whole reign. One day, a man had come to drink from the cup but wound up stealing it. He was caught and taken to the throne room. Vlad, while sitting on his throne, had asked which hand the theif had used to take the cup with. The man had showed Vlad his left hand. Vlad had called his courtsmen and ordered them to cut off the theif's left hand. He said "Let that be a lesson to you to never steal."

These stories are not fake and have been proven. Please do not report this page for misinformation.

Origin of Myths:

Although, there have been many superstitions and beliefs about the origin of such theories, the Slavic vampire myths interpenetrate all the others. One such example of these pagan beliefs is believing in the soul after death. Much vampire folklore originated in Hungary and the Slavic areas of Eastern Europe and Western Russia.
In Slavic culture, they believed that a vampire was a person who abducted a decomposing dead body and sought to feed on the blood for their own survival.
In many other cultures they believe that a vampire was the result of making a deal with the devil or much more commonly, a demon.

Ancient Legends:

Vampire legends have existed all around the world. Granted, in different forms and shapes and ways, but it can be expected that different vampires from different regions differed in their appearances. For example, vampires from Bulgaria
had only one nostril; whereas, those from Transylvania were pale and were said to have long fingernails. In Chinese Culture, it was believed that if a cat or dog jumped over a dead body, the body would turn into an undead. In Russian folklore, vampires were witches who once rebelled against the church, when they were alive. In Egyptian mythology, Goddess Sekhmet was said to be blood thirsty, which could be a possible relationship to vampirism.

However it was the The Persian Civilization who was the first to have had stories of blood-drinking creatures as far as records can tell. In folkloric tales, undead vampires often visited loved ones and caused mischief or deaths in the neighbourhoods they inhabited when they were alive. They wore shrouds and were often described as bloated and of ruddy or dark countenance, markedly different from today's gaunt, pale vampire which dates from the early Nineteenth Century.

Although vampiric sorts of entities have been recorded in many cultures, the term vampire was not popularised until the early 18th century, after an influx of vampire superstition into Western Europe from areas where vampire legends were frequent, such as the Balkans and Eastern Europe, although local variants were also known by different names, such as Vampir in Serbia, vrykolakas in Greece and strigoi in Romania. The Apotamkin is considered to be the Native Americans version of a vampire.

In European folklore, a vampire is a corpse that rises from the grave and sucks blood from the living. According to some accounts, the dead become vampires because demons or evil spirits enter their bodies.
Vampires are also said to be dead werewolves, witches, criminals, suicides, and heretics: persons whose's beliefs are contrary to church doctrine.
In some legends, the victims of vampire attacks also turn into vampires themselves.

The principal characteristic of the vampire is that when buried it does not decay like a normal corpse. Instead, it leaves the grave at night to search for victims. According to tradition, a vampire remains active as long as it can obtain blood.

Legends of bloodsucking creatures are found in many cultures throughout history.
The vampires, along with Dragons and wearwolves, are also a popular literary subject, hence why there are numerous descriptions of the origin, nature, powers, etc. of vampires.

What seems to be universal about vampire myths is their connection with the fear of death and their desire for immortality.

Various Vampires Throughout The World:

origin→from were it was originated (city, or country, or continent)
name→the name of the TYPE of vampire. not individual vampires
[Breif Discription]

Origin: Albania
Name: Llugat / Liogat / Liugat / Ljugat / Ljuna / Ljung / Lugat
Becomes a vampire by being an Albanian of Turkish blood. This vampire is said to spread death and destruction.

Origin: Albania
Name: Sampiro
This vampire goes around at night, wrapped up in its shroud and wears shoes with very high heels. Supposedly its tomb is indicated by a “will o' the wisp”. Becomes a vampire by being an Albanian of Turkish blood. It is said to spread death and destruction.

Origin: Ashantiland
Name: Asanbosam
There are three varieties: men, women, and children.
All in human form except for a pair of books instead of feet. Becomes a vampire by sucking blood from the thumbs of a sleeping person.

Origin: Assyria
Name: Ekimmu (Robber) / Edimmu (Hollow) / Ekimu / Lamassu (Bullgod) / Shedu
Dating as far back as 4000 B.C. This type of Vampiric was first written off in ancient Assyria, making it one of the oldest myths known to mankind.
Becomes a vampire from not having had a proper burial.

Origin: Australia
Name: Pink Vampire
Pink Vampires are a species of vampires which live in the modern age. It has cold skin and fangs and when angered their eyes go a very bloodshot red colour. It can go out into normal daylight, they are way harder to kill than regular vampires.

Origin: Australia
Name: Yara-Ma-Yha-Who
A little red man who sucks his victim's blood through his sucker-like hands and feet.

Origin: Bavaria
Name: Nachzehrer / Dodelecker / Dodeleker
Becomes a vampire by being born with a second skin or dying from drowning. To kill it, cut off the head with the axe used in ordinary executions.

Origin: Bohemia
Name: Ogoljen / Ogalijen / Olgolgen / Mura
When out hunting for blood it keeps dirt from its gravesite in its navel. It cannot be destroyed but buried at crossroads can keep it from rising again.

Origin: Borneo
Name: Buo / Buau
Becomes a vampire by being a warrior slain in battle.

Origin: Bosnia-Herzegovina
Name: Blautsauger / Blut Aussauger / Blut-Sauger / Nachtzutzler
These vampires have no skeleton and are very hairy, have very large eyes and are able to turn themselves into rats, but usually they take on the shape of a wolf. Cure it by scattering hawthorn flowers along the road leading from its former home to the cemetery. Apparently they always hold a bit of earth from their tombs behind their back and try to make sleeping peasants eat it in order to turn them into vampires.

Origin: Brazil
Name: Lobishomen / Loberia
This vampire is small in stature, stumpy and hunch-backed, resembling a monkey, but with a yellow face, bloodless lips, black teeth, bushy beard and plush-covered feet. It makes its victims (all women) into nymphomaniacs. Kill it by letting it get drunk on blood in order to catch it more easily, then crucify it on a tree while stabbing it.

Origin: Brittany
Name: Moribondo
It supposedly enjoys assaulting cattle. Not as much of a threat on humans.

Origin: Bulgaria
Name: Krvopijac / Krvoijac / Kropijac / Obors / Obours / Opiri
The physical appearance varies but is most commonly known to have only one nostril. Becomes a vampire by drinking wine. Prevent the corpse by becoming a vampire by chaining it to the coffin with a garland of wild roses.

Origin: China
Name: Ch'ing Shih
This vampire has red staring eyes, pointed nails curved like claws and long hair. They are greenish-white in colour, and it can fly very fast by being given strength from the moon light. When burnt it emits a piercing shriek.

Origin: Crete Rhodes
Name: Catac / Catacano / Catacani / Catakano / Kathakano
It’s said that these vampires always have mouths that are always grinning, showing very white teeth. Kill it by burning its nails in flames, boiling its head in vinegar or isolating it behind a barrier of water, salted if possible.

Origin: Croatia
Name: Pijawika / Pijavica / Pijawica
To cure this vampire, cut its head off and put it between the legs or under one arm.

Origin: Dalmatia
Name: Kuzlak / Kozlak / Orko / Ukodlak
Becomes a vampire by being taken away before its time from the mother's breast. To cure, call a Franciscan monk who will transfix it with a hawthorn bough plucked from high in the mountains.

Origin: Herreros Land
Name: Otgiruru
This vampire looks like a dog. It supposedly makes anyone who answers its call die.
*NOTE: this one is possibly realted to the American myth of a dog howling at night and if the person answered its call it would die in a week. Howevert in this myth the dog isn't a vampire.

Origin: Hindu
Name: Vetala / Baital / Baitla / Baitel /Baitol / Bay Valley / Katakhanoso / Vetal
A Vampire-like spirit that haunts cemeteries and inhabits corpses in order to move around. Vampire - Mythical Creatures Guide

Origin: Hungary
Name: Farkaskoldus
Takes on the characteristics of a werewolf when dying. When a werewolf eats the flesh of an executed person, when it died, it would become a REVENANT vampire called Farkaskoldus.

Origin: India
Name: Vetala / Punyaiama (pure race) / Veda
This vampire looks like an old woman. Specialises in cannibalism.

Origin: Ireland
Name: Dearg-dul / Dearg-Due / Deamhain Fhola / Deamhan Floa / Dearg-Dililat / Dearg-Diulai / Dearg Dulai / Derrick-Dally / Headless Coach (Coach a Bower) / Marbh Bheo (Night walking dead)
Appears as a beautiful yet pale woman who is seen strolling aimlessly through graveyards at night.
To cure this vampire you need to pile large quantities of stones on its presumed tomb.

Origin: Japan
Name: Kyuuketsuki
Elegant and dangerously seductive, this breed of vampire rises from the grave at night to feed on the blood of the living (usually sleeping victims).

Origin: Loango
Lies with its eyes open in the coffin. It becomes ten times as strong with the moon and can turn itself into a bat and if burnt, emits a long moaning. Becomes a vampire by being an ex-sorcerer. To kill this vampire, burn it by night when there is no moon, or else nail it to the ground with a nail. Carefully burn every little fragment, for even the smallest piece will be enough for the whole monster to be reborn again.

Origin: Mexico
Name: Ciuateteo ('Right honourable mother') / Cihuateteo / Ciuatateo / Civapipltin / Civatateo
Supposedly this vampire’s face, arms and hands are painted with the whitest of chalk and it knows how to fly. Becomes a vampire by being still-born. Cure it by offering it bread and meteorites.

Origin: Moldavia
Name: Drakul / Dracul
This vampire moves with the help of a demon. Supposedly it shows itself with its coffin on its head.Animates the body of a deceased person. Demon will lose hold of the body if the burial shroud of the person is destroyed.

Origin: Moravia
This vampire goes around naked, leaving its shroud in the tomb.

Origin: Morlacchia & Montenegro
Name: Vrukolak / Vukodlak
This vampire is contagious feeds on relatives and friends and it shrieks when it is transfixed. It becomes a vampire by predestination or contagion. Or if it was murdered and no one sees the assassin. This vampire can easily turn itself into a wolf. It only goes out when there is a full moon and crows never go near its tomb. To prevent it turning, nail it to it's coffin by planting a nail through it's heart, or by cutting it's tendons and piercing it all over its body.

Origin: Philippines
Name: Manananggal / Aswang Mannananggal / Mannannagel
Takes the form of an older, very beautiful woman. Every night she seperates her torso from her lower body and leaving her lower body behind, flies off on big bat-like wings looking for her next prey, which is usually pregnant women.

Origin: Poland
Name: Upier (male), Upiercsa (female)
This vampire’s physical appearance is interesting: it has a harelip and the tip of the tongue is pointed like an insect's sting. Becomes a vampire by a baby being born with teeth. Prevent this person becoming a vampire bury them face down with heaps of dirt mounded on top... (supposedly to confuse it as to which way is up and down).

Origin: Polynesia
Name: Talamaur
This vampire sucks the life out of the dying, and sometimes devours the hearts of healthy men when they are asleep. Vampire - Mythical Creatures Guide

Origin: Pomerania
Name: Neuntoter
Becomes a vampire by being born with teeth or a silver spoon in its mouth and dying as a child, spreads plague.

Origin: Portugal
Name: Bruxsa / Broxa / Broxo / Bruja / Bruxa
This vampire takes the form of a woman during the day, and becomes a bird at night. It becomes a vampire through witchcraft. It is said to suck the blood of children.

Origin: Prussia
Name: Gierach / Viesczy / Stryz / Gierrach / Girrach / Givach
Not sure how one becomes a Gierach but to cure it, put poppy seeds in the grave to send it to sleep.

Origin: Rocky Mountains
Sucks the brain of the sleeper by putting its proboscis into the victim's ear.

Origin: Rumania / Romania
Name: Norferat
This one becomes a vampire by being the illegitimate son of two illegitimate parents, or by being the seventh son of a seventh son. Apparently this vampire makes husbands impotent.

Origin: Rumania / Romania
Name: Varcolaco / Murohy / Strigoi / Muroni / Muronul / Murony / Orgoi
This vampire takes on the aspects of a dog, a cat, or spider. Becomes a vampire by dying as an un-baptized person or death by suicide. Supposedly this vampire bites without leaving any signs of wounds. To prevent suicide victims from turning, the corpse should be put in running water as soon as they are dead or take out its heart and cut it in two.

Origin: Romania
Name: Moroi / Living Vampire / Moroanca / Moroaica / Moroii / Strigoii Viu (Live Vampire)
They are the mortal offspring of Strigoi, they can either be killed, die of disease or grow old. However like most vampires they have a diet of blood, preferably human.

Origin: Russia
Name: Mjertovjec / Mjertojec / Oper / Opyr / Upar / Vupar
Becomes a vampire by being a son of a werewolf or witch. To kill this type of vampire you will need to nail the body to the coffin or burn the body.

Origin: Russia
Name: Upierczi
Becomes a Vampire by Murder or Suicide. Only drowning in a lake of salt water is a “cure”. To kill, you drive the heart through with a stake. But not more than twice – you need to be accurate.

Origin: Saxony
Not sure of the name, but a butterfly called Alp sometimes comes out of its mouth. Put a lemon in the vampire's mouth to cure it. The Alp settles on the chest of sleepers suffocating them and sucking up all their breath.

Origin: Serbia
Name: Mulo / Broucolaque / Bronolakas / Broucolaca / Broucolacchi / Broucolacco / Broucolokas / Broucoloques / Broukolakes / Brukulaco / Burcolakas / Drakaeaena / Drakos / Timpanita / Tumpaniaioi / Vrykolaka
This vampire lives and is as active at the stroke of noon as it is at night. It becomes a vampire by natural causes, by being still-born or else by being murdered. It boils the women it likes the most in a great cauldron in order to de-bone them more easily and make them similar to itself.

Origin: Serbia
Name: Vlkodlak / Volkodlak / Volkoslak
Becomes a vampire by committing murder, perjury, incest or being killed by a werewolf or else eating lamb killed by a werewolf. To kill, cut off its toes and thumbs or put a nail in its neck. This Vampire is said to cause eclipses. Vampire - Mythical Creatures Guide

Origin: Silesia
Name: Sriz
This vampire makes those people die whose names it pronounces.

Origin: Slave Coast
Name: Wume / Asema / Aseman / Asiman / Azeman / Aziman / Loogaroo / Obayifo / Sucoyan / Sukuyan
Becomes a vampire by being a criminal in life or else being the victim of a curse. Cure it by burying it in a secret place.

Origin: Spain
Name: Vampiro
This is one of the well known “Vampire Myths” – If you are bitten you become a Vampiro. You can kill it by putting garlic in the mouth or by piercing the heart with a stake.

Origin: Thessaly / Epirus
Name: Bruculaco/ Brucolaco / Brooucalaque / Brucolak / Bruculacas / Timpanita
They become vampires by falling into catalepsies, the soul being momentarily separated from the body goes into that of a wolf, making it thirsty for fresh blood.

Origin: Vietnam
Name: (undecided)
This vampire has red antennae coming out of its nose with which it sucks. Sometimes it only consists of a head.

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